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Company Description

Since 1953 we have been manufacturing and sale of extra virgin olive oil of high quality.

Our company works with passion, professionalism and experience passed down through three generations, combined with ongoing research to improve the quality of Oil, respecting the traditions associated with our territory.

We are in the heart of Sicily, between the beautiful and unspoiled hills and valleys of Ribera.

We extract the extra virgin olive produced by Biancolilla and Nocellara of Belice, using techniques and equipment that enhance its extraordinary qualities, aromas, tastes, smells and specific and unique features.

To improve the quality of our products, over the years, we have made many investments is constantly updated and plants, keeping pace with new technologies.


To ensure the quality of our oil we have associated the mill:

Agroqualità to-control body for oil for DOP Val di Mazara.

All'ICEA-control body for the production of organic olive oil with certifications and JAS SUISSE to export oil to Japan and Switzerland.

We are also able to guarantee the traceability of the oil: the collection and transfer of the olives to the mill to the final sale of oil in bulk or packaged.

The agreements with shippers and carriers allow us to quickly get our oil in Italy and abroad.

To respect nature and the environment, we have equipped the plant with photovoltaic panels that exploiting the Splendido Sole di Sicilia, produce clean electricity with which we feed the oil plant.

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